DUCU Committee 2018/19: who we are & what we do

Durham UCU Committee is elected by the members of the UCU in Durham. Elections are held every year at the Annual General Meeting. A maximum of two members can subsequently be co-opted.

If you would like more information on the committee, or are considering standing, please contact a committee member.

Below you will find the list of the elected committee members for the present academic year and their areas of responsibility.

Name Position Current/Former Dep’t Tel.
Laura Campbell MLAC 43425
Mike Costello Computing Rep CIS 42727
Peter Craig Hon. Treasurer Maths 43076
Sarah Elton President Anthropology 40241
Karen Jones Case-work/Facebook Education 46229
Lewis Mackenzie Twitter Chemistry 42353
Siobhan McGrath Geography 41535
Tim Packer Website CIS 41978
Pippa Petts Disabled Members Rep. Physics 43677
Francis Pritchard Hon. Secretary/
Health & Safety Rep./
Personal Cases
Law School 46229
Susan Pyner Biosciences 41346
Thomas Renström International Members’ Rep. Economics & Finance 46369
Chris Saunter Physics 43643
Kay Schiller Past-President History 46586
Marek Szablewski Vice-President/
Personal Cases
Physics 43686
John White Pensions Officer Technology Transfer Office 46229