DUCU Committee – who we are & what we do

Durham UCU Committee is elected by the members of the UCU in Durham. Elections are held every year at the Annual General Meeting. A maximum of two members can subsequently be co-opted.

If you would like more information on the committee, or are considering standing, please contact a committee member.

Below you will find the list of the elected committee members for the present academic year and their areas of responsibility.

Name Position Current/Former Dep’t Tel.
David Byrne Applied Social Sciences
Laura Campbell MLAC 43425
Annalisa Cipollone Equalities Officer MLAC 43419
Mike Costello Computing Rep IT Service 42727
Peter Craig Hon. Treasurer Maths 43076
Sarah Elton Anthropology 40241
Karen Jones Education 46229
Ryan Hanley Postgrad Rep. Physics 46229
Pippa Petts Disabled Members Rep. Physics 43677
Francis Pritchard Hon. Secretary/
Health & Safety Rep./
Personal Cases
Law School 46229
Susan Pyner Biosciences 41346
Thomas Renström Economics & Finance 46369
Chris Saunter Physics 43643
Kay Schiller President History 46586
Richard Smith Past President Education 48404
Marek Szablewski Vice-President/
Personal Cases
Physics 43686
John White Pensions Officer Technology Transfer Office 46229