Yed Software License Agreement

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The license ( says that “the licensee has a … Right to install a copy … ». If you received the software on an evaluation basis (“assessment license”), the evaluation version of the software will only be granted to you for evaluation purposes. The evaluation license is a library license. The evaluation period can be up to sixty (60) days from the date of installation or a shorter or longer period indicated on the package, license certificate or documentation accompanying the software. During the evaluation period, yWorks grants you a personal, non-transferable license that is not exclusive to ice, for the installation and execution of the software for your personal use. The software will be delivered to you free of charge via the internet. Unless another agreement has been agreed in writing, yWorks book after receipt of payment. Ownership of the invoiced goods and licensing will not be transferred to you until the full payment of the invoice has been received by yWorks. If that is your intention, you should make it clear on your website and license. If this is not your intention, you should update the license to clarify that if yEd is used to work for a company, the licensee is the company and it may have a copy per employee, regardless of other copies that these employees have at home or use for jobs in other businesses. The licensee within the meaning of the yed software licensing agreement refers to a single person who is not a company or university. So if someone downloads and installs yEd manually, he is the licensee and can use yEd.

If five people in your business do it (i.e. everyone manually downloads and installs yEd), there are five yEd licensees in your business and all five can use yEd for free. However, if you require yed to be provided in another way, such as. B by a centralized software delivery system, you must negotiate a custom licensing agreement. Please contact the yWorks commercial department – dirty (at) – to negotiate such an agreement. yWorks provides you with electronic documentation and licensed software (available on the Internet). The software is deemed accepted after a period of fifteen (15) days after the delivery of the Software. yWorks does not guarantee third parties who receive your software applications and you remain solely responsible for the recipients of your software applications for support, service, upgrades or other technical assistance, and those recipients of your software applications are not entitled to these services or support by yWorks. No no. Unless you (or rather your company, your university, institution, etc.) negotiate a personalized licensing agreement, yed-licensed are individuals. The obligations of yWorks in this section are also subject to the written notification of yWorks as soon as you have received such a covered claim.

They are required to provide the licensee with a copy of each notification of the covered right it receives from the applicant (with the exception of: with respect to confidential communications, you and yWorks mutually agree to an appropriate confidentiality agreement, and this disclosure must be subject to the prior approval of the third-party applicant) and you will provide yWorks with the necessary information and assistance to defend or settle the right covered at yWorks` expenses, provided you agree to grant a full application (subject to the liability limits provided here). Under no circumstances do you have the right to enter into a transaction without the prior written consent of yWorks, and yWorks will not be responsible for a transaction that will not take place without its prior written consent.