UCU works to improve pay and conditions for academic and related staff in higher education. The more members we have, the stronger our voice is.

Many staff in higher education are worried about increased workload and underfunding and what effect that will have on their job and career prospects.


  • is the only trade union recognised by employers to negotiate for you nationally and locally.
  • campaigns on your behalf for improved salaries, conditions & pensions, as well as for increased funding.
  • represents your interests if you have an employment problem or grievance.
  • works to improve the quality and effectiveness of the university system as a whole.
  • keeps you informed of national and local issues, through newsletters, a UCU magazine, and the UCU website.
  • gives a high priority to equal opportunities and issues related to fixed-term working and casualisation.

For more information on the Durham Local Association, please contact office@durhamucu.org.uk.

For more information on the benefits of membership, see UCU’s national membership pages.