Hardship fund to re-open

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The hardship fund will open again early next week to offset deductions because of the strike days in February and March.

In response to feedback from members, there have been some small changes to the form and the process. The revised form is available here in Microsoft Word format or here in PDF format.

You only need to complete the form once, listing strike days for February and March, but most people will need to send two payslips as most deductions will be spread across March and April.

You can send your form with your March payslip as soon as your payslip is available, then send your April payslip when it is available. Please send completed forms and payslips to Francis Pritchard (francis.pritchard@durham.ac.uk).

Remember that to access your payslips offsite you will need remote access to Oracle that requires the Microsoft Authenticator app (see details at https://www.dur.ac.uk/hr/oraclefusionportal/).